Hitler’s Head

New post over at The Faster Times about Hitler’s skull. Seems new research proves a skull fragment (at left) long thought to be Hitler’s is actually female:

The History Channel got curious about the skull fragment, which belongs to the Russian State Archive in Moscow and displays a prominent bullet hole smack-dab in the middle. While the Russian authorities have long said the skull fragment belonged to Hitler, and came from the ditch outside his bunker where his body was dumped, the History Channel decided to use some good ol’ fashioned American technology to examine their claims.

While it’s pure morbid speculation (my specialty), the discovery raises the possibility that it was not actually Hitler’s body cremated by the KGB in 1970.

Just in time for Yom Kippur, Daily Intel enumerated the possibilities raised by this discovery, “in descending order of plausibility”. Last on the list: Hitler escaped and is still walking around somewhere. Keep your eyes peeled for a 120-year-old German man, because he’s probably Hitler!


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