Russians Want to Get Rid of Their Most Macabre Tourist Attraction – Lenin’s Body

Lenin chilling in his coffin

It’s that time again. Every year at the end of January, Russians start debating whether they want to keep the founder of the Soviet Union hanging out in a mausoleum in the middle of Moscow’s Red Square, looking more or less the same as the day he died. Now, some members of the Russian parliament have launched a poll to see whether it’s time to finally bury Lenin. Voting is on-going, but so far there’s strong support for getting the guy into the ground. From the BBC:

Of more than 250,000 people who have voted in the poll, two-thirds so far say Lenin should now be buried.

The revolutionary leader’s embalmed body has been on display in a mausoleum in Red Square in Moscow since his death in 1924.

The debate about what to with his body resurfaces with every anniversary of his death – on 21 January 1924.

For more, check out my earlier post on Lenin and other deceased despots. You can also see a picture of Lenin’s corpse as a cake, if that’s something you’re interested in seeing. (He has also been honored with a turnip.)

Burying Lenin is not a simple task. Boris Yeltsin already tried to do it twice, but was defeated by old-guard Communists, and by the Russian Orthodox Church – who don’t exactly want a life-long atheist on their hands.

Here’s a question for all you awesome science nerds: with that many embalming chemicals clinging to his body, would Lenin ever decompose?


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